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Company Owner & Crafter 

Contact: hannah@scentimelti.co.uk

About Me

Graduating from Keele University Law school in 2010, I then went on to work in numerous law firms - eventually leaving to retrain in the beauty industry. Conducted training with GelBottle and various other training facilities to qualify a fully insured nail and lash technician. 

Having always been a very artistic and crafty person - I decided to conduct training in wax products. Handcrafting my own wax melts for my own use. 

2019 Health issues & Covid-19 Pandemic

I suffered from a slipped disc in my cervical spine, for which I underwent surgery at the beginning of 2020. This meant I needed to reassess my occupation. Bending forwards for many long hours undertaking nail, lash and foot treatments was very detrimental to my spine, its healing and the pain I was under.

Then the pandemic hit & I was unable to legally conduct any beauty treatments with clients!

This forced me to launch ScentiMelti full-time and I have not looked back. It has been so much fun so far, incredibly hard work but extremely rewarding. I currently partake in every aspect of the business, from crafting to packing.

My favourite part of the business is designing my wax melts, the colour combinations and sampling new fragrances.

I look forward to continued growth and developing the business further.

Hannah x