Common Wax Melt Queries

How do you recommend I use your wax melts?

ScentiMelti melts are very highly scented - so a small amount will last a while in your room and provide many hours of long lasting scent throw. We recommend that you use one heart or a chunk of your snap bar. Use with a wax melt burner and an unscented candle. Always follow the burner manufacturer instructions.

Why do my wax melts have a white coating?

All of our wax melts are made using 100% soy wax - an entirely natural product. Due to this - occasionally there is some 'frosting' which is a natural residue. This does not affect the wax melts in any way. This phenomenon usually affects darker colours.

Why are my wax melts smoking?

The 'smoke' you are seeing is not actually smoke but a vapour being released with the oils within the wax is hot. Do not worry. If the smoke however is dark please extinguish your tea light as soon as possible and check your burner as there could be a hairline crack.

How do I store your wax melts?

We find the best way to store the melts to keep them fresh and highly scented - is to store them in a sealed container and always kept in a cool dry place never near to a heat source. We offer a wax melt storage jar alongside our burners.

My wax melts arent very strong smelling - what can I do?

Using the right kind of wax warmer

First of all, are you using an electric melter or a traditional tea light melter? There is a big difference between the two melters – tealight melters get much hotter and awaken the fragrance much quicker.

Electric Burners

The lower the wattage of the electric burner the weaker the scent will smell. Many people using electric burners only use a 35 wattage melter at a minimum for best results. Be sure to check your wattage or try using a different melting method – for example swapping to a tea light burner to see if this makes a difference. Replace or upgrade your burner.

Tealight Burners

Assess your burner, check for any hairline cracks. Make sure you have your tealight candle directly below the wax melt melting location. Tealight melters get much hotter, much more quickly and can disperse the fragrance molecules more quickly – but the fragrance may not last as long. The hotter the melter – the quicker the fragrance will burn away. Make sure that your burner is getting hot and remains hot.

How big is the room where the melter is situated?

Bigger rooms need more melter heat and more wax. Use your burner in another room and see if that helps.

Where is your burner situated within the room?

To optimise fragrance distribution place your burner at a lower or medium level, for example on a coffee table. The lower the burner is situated we have noticed improve results – heat will rise dispersing the fragrance more easily(always make sure your melter is safely out of the reach of children and pets) Avoid having your melter within an enclosed area such as a bookshelf or window - this can stop the fragrance from dispersing effectively.

Try moving the location of your wax burner. Make sure that the melter is not in a drafty location or near an open window. The burner needs to get hot – and remain hot to release the fragrance oils.

Take a break from using your wax melts for a day or so

When creating our wax melts and working with the fragrance oils, we do not test the wax melts the same day. We try to test only on a day that we are not crafting. Being around the scent affects our sense of smell, so take a break from using your wax melts for a little while and try again.

Room Air flow

Keep your melter away from a direct flow of air. Not near a window or on a window ledge – being next to a window can lower the temperature of the melter and affect the fragrance release.

Also don’t have it situated on a mantelpiece above a fireplace while in use – this location would be a far too hot and dry location.

Room Humidity

How humid is your room?

Water molecules in the air give something the fragrance to cling to. A dry room will affect the releasing of the fragrance oil.
Wax Melt Storage

Make sure you are storing your wax melts in an airtight / closed container or box when storing them to extend their life.


Try to make the above changes and see if this makes a difference to the scent throw. If you are still experiencing problems, please message us at and we will do our very best to help you.